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On March 16, 10 students were honored by school staff for their contributions to improving the climate and inspiring other students at Juneau-Douglas High School.
JDHS students recognized for contributions to school 032711 NEIGHBORS 9 FOR THE JUNEAU EMPIRE On March 16, 10 students were honored by school staff for their contributions to improving the climate and inspiring other students at Juneau-Douglas High School.

Courtesy of Juneau-Douglas High School / Courtesy of Juneau-Douglas High School

Clockwise from front left: Rachel Doogan, Vera Hermano, LiAnne Fenumiai, Kelsey Blacks, Andrew Lewallen, Joseph Hinman, Beverly DeLa Cruz, Elizabeth Ringle, Colin McClung and Alina Sellers, center, were recognized for various achievements at Juneau-Douglas High School during the month of March.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Story last updated at 3/26/2011 - 9:44 pm

JDHS students recognized for contributions to school

On March 16, 10 students were honored by school staff for their contributions to improving the climate and inspiring other students at Juneau-Douglas High School.

Rotarian Scott Fisher opened the ceremony. Principal Ryan Alsup congratulated all students and their parents, and Fisher and Alsup awarded each student with a certificate, a legislative citation and a student recognition pin. A celebratory lunch provided by the JDHS Parent Group followed.

Senior Kelsey Blacks was nominated by Sandi Wagner of the activities/athletics department. Wagner said, “Kelsey was the student tournament director for the 3A/4A Basketball Tournament. Prior to the start of the tournament, she saw to it the over 300 visiting students had a place to stay, which she did very well. During the tournament she put in 10-12 hours a day doing whatever needed to be done with a smile on.”

Richard Steele, the advisor for the Video Club, nominated two students, senior Beverly DeLa Cruz and freshman Colin McClung, for their assistance with the 3A/4A Basketball Tournament. Of these two, Steele said, “They gave innumerable hours of video of Region V basketball. They were important leaders in the whole production.” Alsup added that many viewers were grateful for being able to watch the games online.

Dixie Weiss of the world languages department nominated Rachel Doogan, a sophomore. Weiss said, “Seżorita Doogan’s GPA, 3.83, is an indicator of her willingness to devote extra time and effort to class work, and to attempt more challenging assignments, even if the outcome may not be a ‘safe’ or ‘easy’ grade. Rachel is helpful to her table mates in Spanish class and demonstrates working towards mastery of a subject daily.”

Freshman LiAnne Fenumiai was nominated by Heather Ridgway of the art department. Ridgway said of Fenumiai, “LiAnne makes an effort to stay organized and focused in ceramics class. She shows thoughtful reflection of the art processes in her weekly ceramics log. She also understands how art can help her process difficult emotions and feelings and she turns to these skills in a positive way.”

Gaye Willis of the attendance office nominated junior Vera Hermano. She said, “Vera is my aide in the attendance office during first period, one of the busiest times of the day. She is a fireball of energy and enthusiasm, in addition to being willing, cheerful, capable and efficient. She writes passes, delivers messages and helps to send out attendance letters, and I appreciate all she does to get the morning off to a good start.”

Joseph Hinman, a sophomore, was nominated by Debby Perkins with the JDHS library. Of Hinman, Perkins said, “Observant, helpful, self-motivated and friendly are just a few of the adjectives used to describe our student library intern, Joe Hinman. An avid reader with a good work ethic, Joe has learned his assignments quickly and knows we rely on him to be here and to do his job competently.”

Lara Dzinich and Tom Thompson with the CHOICE program nominated freshman Andrew Lewallen. They said, “Andrew has been a pleasure to have in class this year. He is on time, stays on task, and works hard to complete his assignments. He is always willing to help out his fellow classmates or a teacher and does it with a positive attitude. He is an excellent role model to his peers and a great addition to the program.”

Elizabeth Ringle, a senior, was nominated by physical education instructor Tracy Rivera. He said of Ringle, “Elizabeth is enrolled in seven classes. She is in advanced classes as well as PE and wood working, so she is taking full advantage of JDHS. I am very proud of her hard work in all her classes and willingness to learn new things. She has progressed from a true beginner swimmer to a young adult who ‘can’ swim.”

The staff of the JDHS counseling department nominated senior Alina Sellers. They said, “Alina greets us each day with a smile. She is kind, polite and considerate when speaking to others. Alina executes her duties at the Counseling Reception desk with professionalism; she anticipates what needs to be done and effectively completes her assignments. We most appreciate that Alina advocates for students and is comfortable relating her concerns to the counselors.”